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Posted 4/3/2000 #E001

Hello, My name is Phoenix BlackHawk and I practice a very unique tradition of body work known as Restorative Massage. It is a tradition originating in Ireland. It intigrates massage, deep breath work, aromatherapy and guided visualization to produce a totaly holistic experience which serves to heal body, mind and Spirit. I would like to find one or two people with whom I could develop an ongoing trade arrangement. Please feel free to visit my website...
which provides a complete description of this Tradition as well as information on how I may be contacted. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Be well and Take care, Phoenix BlackHawk

Posted 4/6/2000 #E003

Looking to meet people that would like to trade Massages. I live in the City San Jose area. Been giving Original Swedish Style Massages for 28 years now. Please do reply if interesed.
Posted by Wderwmn

Posted 7/3/2000 #E004

Looking for people who want to trade Reiki sessions. Fragrance-free, East Bay only. Posted by Songwriter

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