What if I donít have a computer or internet service?

You actually wouldnít need a computer to take advantage of this site. If you can occasionally check-in by using a friendís computer or a public computer at the library, you can still post a public ad with a phone number that potential clients can use to call you. Let us know if you are in this situation and we will help you administer your account and/or ad to the best of our ability.

What if I donít have an email account?

Without an email account, you wouldnít be able to have messages from potential clients forwarded to you. However, they could still contact you by telephone.

How do I get a free email account?

Many companies on the internet provide free, "web-based" email. These accounts work much like a post office box. They will give you an email address and some space on their computer where your messages are stored. To get your mail, you will have to go to that website, sign on with a username and password, and check your inbox for messages. You can also send messages out to people from the same place. This can all be done from any computer that is connected to the internet. You donít have to use the same computer all the time to send and recieve mail. A few places you can go for this service: yahoo.com - hotmail.com - geocities.com - netscape.com - msn.com

Can I get email from ConsciousTouch.com?

When you become a member, you will be able to have people send email to your_username@conscioustouch.com, but we will not keep any email in storage for you. Instead, your email address with us will be set to automatically forward all messages to your actual email address, wherever that may be. This will allow you to "screen" your emails, because the sender will not know your actual email address, just your "virtual" email address with us.

What kind of ads are posted on this site?

We will have two kinds of postings on this site. One type will be opportunities and announcments for practitioner members. This area of the site will always be free and open to all members, but will be password-protected so only other members may view it. It will not be open to the public. The other kind of postings will be paid public ads for individual practitioners. This part of the site will be open to all visitors, and it will be a way for people to find massage therapists and alternative health practitioners.

How will people know to come to ConsciousTouch.com to find my ad?

We will naturally be registered with all the standard internet search engines and so forth. But, more importantly, ConsciousTouch.com will also be advertised in large-circulation printed newspapers like the Chronicle/Examiner, the Guardian, the Weekly, the Pacific Sun, etc. This will not occur, however, until we have enough interest by members to be sure that we can cover the costs of advertising the website in those newspapers.

How is this any different from other internet classifieds?

ConsciousTouch.com is a website run by therapists, for therapists. If you look at other internet classified ads, you will have to sort through many ads to find a legitimate practitioner. We will list only professional, certified therapists who can show credentials - such as a certificate of graduation from their school. Any ads or members which appear to be providing anything other than professional therapeutic services may be removed from the site. ConsciousTouch.com will become known as the place to go to find quality, reputable bodywork and alternative health services.

Why do you ask for school information?

In the interest of building a community of certified, professional, reputable practitioners, we want to know where you attended classes, when you graduated, and so forth. This site is only for professional, certified therapists who can show credentials - such as a certificate of graduation from their school.

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