Current Survey & Voting Items
1) Do you have your own computer at home? yes no
2) Do you have dial-up internet service at home? yes no
3) Do you have your own email already? yes no
4) If you do not have email, are you planning to sign up with a free email service? yes no n/a
5) Have you advertised your practice in the past?
I have a standing ad in a print publication. Which one(s)?
I sometimes place ads in print publications. Which one(s)?
I never place ads in print publications.
I post flyers
I don't really advertise
6) Which services would you use as a member of this site?
Post on free members-only bulletin board
Participate in free members-only discussions
Public text ad, $25/mo
Public photo ad, $30/mo
Public display ad, $35/mo
Design services and/or hosting for my own webpage

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